Monty's Blog

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Monty and I live at Bluebell Wood Kennels in the Charente region of France with my humans Tracey and Les. For some strange reason Tracey and Les also feel the need to invite other dogs into my home and, hard to believe I know, but also cats! Anyway that's enough about them, I came here for a quieter pace of life and generally it's worked out and having other dogs around, why they're here I'm still not sure, does keep me from getting bored.

I'm what the humans call a Rhodesian Ridgeback, not sure why since I've never been to Africa but you know what they're like, and last week Tracey said we had a Cane Corso coming to stay. I'd never heard of this one before apparently they're Italian but this one was as Italian as I am African! I don't want to seem harsh but he was very French, if you know what I mean, if he was any more laid back he'd be horizontal, Demain this, Demain that. He did tell a great joke about a Poodle and a Labradour though, not for mixed company that one.

There's a couple of little fellas in at the moment and Tracey says they're thugs, I thought it was Pugs but apparently not. They have a great trick, they pretend they want a kiss and when they're within reach they steal Tracey's hat and run off with it, respect! If I try that sort of thing I'm in trouble for a week but I guess it's different for a guest and I don't mind too much as I'm told they pay for my food and treats although I reckon they pay for Les' beer!

The thugs told me they've been having trouble with the noisy neighbours just recently so I sent Tracey down to have a word and she explained to them that their humans would be back soon and if they didn't keep the noise down they'd have me to deal with, seemed to do the job. I'm quite pleased really since one of them was a bit on the large side and he had that look in his eye, you know the type. I caught Tracey telling Les that she'd spent a bit of time with them and they'd settled down but I know she warned them about me and that's what did the trick.

Now I'm all for live and let live, except cats, but when my human starts feeding them other dogs treats I'm not entirely keen so it was great when Tracey got her comeuppence last week. This Boxer comes in and his humans say he likes yoghurt, I thought this sounds like a set up but not my place to tell Tracey her business. So Tracey is giving this fella his yoghurt and he is loving it, not eating it so much as wearing it, but loving it. So much so he decides to show her how grateful he is by slobbering all over her, if I could get my paws on the video camera It'd been straight on youtube. Tracey had yoghurt all over her hair, her face, her coat - I barely stopped laughing before she saw me and Les hasn't stopped yet.

So all in all it's not a bad life here, I'm just off for a lie down as all this typing is difficult with claws and I think Les'd freak if he saw me using his computer.