Monty's Blog

Hi, Monty here with more news from Bluebell Wood Kennels where I live with Tracey, Les and far too many visitors. I’m a friendly sort of chap really but, as they say, guests are like fish, they start to smell after three days so when there’s always someone new about sometimes it gets a bit much for me. For some reason Tracey and Les are always happy to meet new dogs and welcome back old friends and since I still haven’t got the hang of the can opener I guess I‘ll have to put up with it.

We had a boxer cross here recently, everyone said he looked a bit like Shrek whoever he is, he did look a bit scary but he was a really nice chap once you got to know him. Apparently this Shrek fella was a bit misunderstood too so maybe that’s why they call him that.

There was another foreigner here, apparently Hungarian but they all sound the same to me, the best thing about this though was he had this habit of grabbing Tracey’s belt and leading her out of the Kennels when she was supposed to be taking him for a walk.

I did get dizzy watching some of Tracey’s other new friends, 4 black and white border collies and they really did all look the same. It was like watching double double trouble, you tried to focus on one of them then two others would cut across and your eyes where spinning around again, I had to go and lie down for a couple of hours every time Tracey took them out.

Just between you and me we had a couple of visitors I would be more than happy if they stayed more often. Hello Ladieees, one’s a very shapely Chocolate Labrador and the other a petite Spaniel cross and these girls know how to work a room, if you know what I mean! I did suggest they move into the house and Les went out to the kennels for a few nights but no luck.

My uncle Bart came to see me too, he’s not really my uncle but Tracey calls him that as he likes to look after all the other dogs. He’s a real role model to the younger ones, he keeps an eye on the games and makes sure things don’t get out of hand. He does this really cool trick where he looks like he isn’t watching but just when you go to grab the ball he dives in and gets it first, he’s cool.

On a sadder note one of my chew toys had to be retired recently, it was a good friend in times of stress but it was getting old. Tracey said she had sent it off to live on a farm with a dog that had no teeth so he would just gum it gently and look after it. Les said it went in the bin but I’m sure Tracey wouldn’t fib to me!

Anyhow I’ve just heard Les come in and although he’s accepted I can use the computer he gets all huffy when I do, mainly because I can do things quicker than he can, so I better go. I’ve quite a lot to do getting things ready for the spring and I’ve sleeping, eating, sleeping and playing to fit in but I’ll try and keep you updated on things here at Bluebell Wood.