Monty's Blog

Hi Monty here with an update on what’s been happening at Bluebell Woods Kennels and to let you know how tough it is being me.

First things first, what’s the deal with cats? Exactly what use are they? Tracey and Les seem to like them but I don’t see it. They’ve taken to flying around here, that’s the only explanation for how they manage to get in through the door and upstairs before I get the chance to grab them, Les calls one of them a Stealth Bomber because even he can’t see them sometimes. Now it’s getting warmer I’ve moved my bed away from the radiator to get closer to the door so I can keep an eye on it. Apparently my ancestors were bred for hunting lions so it’s not my fault!

Hopefully we’ve seen the end of this snow stuff, it was alright for a day or so but since I haven’t got wellie boots like Tracey it’s cold on the old paws. Some of the visitors seemed keen, there was one hound dog here that kept eating the snow, he didn’t realise that left him with a white moustache for most of the day – funny for the rest of us! I did see a fine looking black Terrier here a while back and one day she walked out and caught a snowflake on her nose and even I thought that looked cute.

Best snow story goes to the visitor that was playing with MY flattened plastic bottle at the top of the hill, he dropped it, went to trap it with his front paws and slid all the way down. Tracey said he looked like he was skiing, whatever that is. Did I mention it was MY bottle he was playing with, serves him right!

We had two bulldog bitches staying and they were really quite pleasant, I don’t really mind the ladies staying – I’d rather it was just me but if we’re having guests female ones are better. Anyhow one of these two always had a huge grin on her face, Tracey thought it was because she has something called a cleft lip but it was really because she was looking at me. Her friend was trying to teach Tracey how to high five and by the time they left Tracey nearly got the hang of it.

Lastly I have some rather sad news, Tracey and Les have started to have human visitors, as if the cats and other dogs weren’t bad enough. These ‘friends’ even stay in the house with us and I know there was a spare kennel so I don’t know why. I tried to teach one of them how to ignore a toy, which is the best way to sneak an extra nap in, but he didn’t get it and kept picking it up and throwing it.

Well that’s me off to check the cats aren’t about and then maybe a snooze, I hope you’re enjoying these updates and check back soon as no doubt I’ll have more details about the trials and tribulations of being Monty.