Monty's Blog

Greeting loyal readers Monty here. Sorry it’s been a while since I updated you on the goings on here at Bluebell Wood Kennels but I’ve had my paws full keeping this lot in line and as soon as I think I’m on top of things Tracey and Les go and mess about with things.

Not long ago they went off on their holidays, not sure what a holiday is but apparently “I didn’t need one since everyday is a holiday for me”. That really played havoc with my schedule not least because Tracey spent so much time organising everything to make sure none of the “guests” (I have a different name for them) were affected by her not being here – typical I get left to look after myself again. Well actually my Auntie Joy came to look after me so it wasn’t all bad, in fact and don’t tell anyone I quite enjoyed the break from worrying about Les all the time!

dog kennelsSo what’s been going since I last put paw to keyboard? We had a Chocolate Labrador (Yep I thought it was like an easter bunny too but it wasn’t it was a dog and a very nice one too) staying with us and she was a right laugh. Tracey keeps a stash of MY plastic bottles that she lets the others play with from time to time, mainly when I’m not around. Well this Lab had it sussed, Tracey was throwing out the old bottles and swapping them with MY new ones and this Lab was keeping a watchful eye on her. The next day Tracey was surprised when she brought her a bottle and made Tracey play with her. Now Tracey is normally on the ball, well for a human, but the next day went the same way and the Lab brought a bottle over for her to play again. Now Tracey was starting to wonder why these bottles had been left lying around when they were supposed to be kept in the bag in the kennel, naturally she was quick to blame Les but eventually she realised that whenever she let the Lab out she nipped back to the bag she’d seen Tracey put them in and helped herself to a new one. Smart girl that one!

I hope you’re sitting down for this one – They brought another dog into the house too! He looked exactly like me, handsome, charming with a cheeky little grin and would stand there mocking me. Whenever I sat down he sat down, I walked away and he’d walk away and watch me watching him over my shoulder. If I ran at him he’d run toward me and stop as soon as I did so we’d end up nearly nose to nose but he didn’t have the nerve to take that extra step, not that I did truth be told. He even rolled over on his back when I did when I was hoping for a belly tickle – cheeky so and so. Tracey said his name was Amirror or something like that – she kept saying “Stop being silly it’s only Amirror” but I was glad when Amirror packed his bags I can tell you.

Did you know that girls go to the loo at the same time? We had two sisters staying here and whenever they were left out they’d have a run around and then have a synchronised pee even when they weren’t looking at each other. Les reckons that human girls go off together like that too!

There was a Mountain dog here not long ago, I think she’s called that because she’s nearly as big as one! Well she was out for a bit of a sunbathe and one of her male friends came and stood next to her. She ignored him so he poked her paw with his to get her attention. She still ignored him so he gave her a dig in ribs. She ignored him so he stood on her ear. She ignored him so he gave her a bit of a nibble on the neck and then she finally gave in and sat up for a chat. Mr Cool then calmly walked off – shouldn’t take a boy’s affection for granted!

Well that's the news for now, no doubt I'll have more to tell you soon so check back soon - Tracey says if you've any doggy tales to tell then you can use her contact form and she'll pass them onto me.