Monty's Blog

Hello peeps, slight change in tack this time - an old mate of mine, Alfie, sent me an email so I thought I'd share it with you. Don't worry I'll keep you updated on events here at Bluebell soon.

Hi Monty.
I thought it'd drop you a line to let you know what's been going on back here in the UK and keep you abreast of our doings. Not sure I've the energy to write too much tonight though - I AM KNACKERED!! Don't know what she thinks I'm made of but I'm not as young as I was and we're always on the go.

This morning it was on the beach for a very bracing run around after the ball – she called it bracing I'd say there was a gale blowing, I thought I was going to take off a couple of times.

Had time to have a bit of a nap when we got back while she was cooking - some sort of pie I think, but not my sort of pie. Blackberry and apple and guess who had to go walking with her to pick them!

Then off to Vicki's house to deliver the pie, I didn't even get offered a slice. There's are two dogs there, Digger isn't really our sort if you know what I mean but Leo's a good chap. He is very funny looking - all legs - but good for a dash around the garden with and I can knock him over quite easily so putting him in his place is never a problem.

Then tonight we have been to what Trish calls "fun and games night". Now this is a really good laugh. First of all we did hunt the toy, which was hidden in a flyball box. I think their idea was that we'd jump on the step to release the toy, but actually I couldn't quite see the point since I could just lean down into the box and pick it out. The humans weren't too happy when I showed the other dogs how to do that - spoiled their "fun and games". We did a bit of the old obedience stuff at the end, we've almost got them trained and you can tell Auntie Joy I haven't forgotten anything she taught me.

Sunday night we go to this agility thing which is quite good fun, I practised walking on benches last week before we went to the class, so I could do this plank thing that's harder than it sounds so I was impressed with myself then there was this A frame they wanted me to go up. I tell you mate, IT WAS A MOUNTAIN!

As ever I was prepared to give it a go though, I got halfway up and fell off, nearly lost all my dignity on the way down, felt a proper fool so that was that for that game. To make things worse there's this little king charles spaniel scampering up and down it for fun! I'll remember that and sort him out sometime!

So all in all I'm looking for a couple of days off now. There seems to be some talk of me and her coming over beginning of October.
That'd be good!

Talk again soon,