Monty's Blog

Hello loyal readers, hope you enjoyed Alfie’s update and if your four legged friend would like to write to me feel free as it’s always good to keep in touch. So what’s been happening here at Bluebell Wood Kennels in the beautiful Charente region of France (Tracey asked me to put that bit)?

Tracey and Les have been getting really excited just recently and today I realised why. Not one but two dogs the same breed as me are coming to stay.  The biggest shock was finding out what I look like!  But seeing double is a bit spooky.  Apparently I am supposed to be as tall as them - don't they know beautiful things come in small packages and they’re the ones that aren’t normal.  It has made be think about a few things, one of which is reaching for the hair dye, I hadn't realised how much more grey I have now.  I thought winning a rosette for the "Greyest Muzzle" was a compliment, now I am not so sure. I think I’ll keep my distance from those two tall dark beauties to make sure they’re aren’t too many comparisons being made.  Mind you even at my ripe old age of 13yrs, I can still chase a ball and keep Les amused.

Did you know that each breed of dog has it’s own personality traits? Take German Shepherds, why are they so serious about life. One afternoon I was studying a pretty Shepard by the name of Cleo. She looked so elegant as she glided around the paddock.  If only I was a bit younger!  Anyway, by the pool Tracey and Les had put their towels on the fence to dry along with another human's towel.  My pretty lady sniffed the towels of Les and Tracey on her way past, then stopped dead in her tracks and returned again and again to the towel left by the visitor.  What was her problem? It's only a towel and it wasn’t even one of mine!

There was another story I heard from Les about Cleo. The story went, as far as I remember, Tracey was taking the gang on a walk one evening and there was a tall tree that had fallen and blocked the track. It had a gap under it that was easy enough for most of the dogs to get under but Tracey had to climb over (she's only got little legs!).  Anyway, all the other dogs continued on their way as normal, except the Shepherd who walked along the length of the tree looking at it, then back again sniffing it and then looked at Tracey to say Who put this here?  Where did this come from?  How long has this been here? When will they move it?  First a towel, now a log!! She is pretty, but strange!

Take care all,