Monty's Maze

New for 2012. We have cut a slalom through the young trees on each side of our pathways. As well as creating new trails and smells to follow, the dogs now have to use their heads and senses to find their way along. Adding more fun to the late afternoon walk.

The maze has been named 'Monty's Maze' in honour of our Ridgeback who loved this area very much. Even at the ripe old age of 14yrs he still managed to visit this space regularly. We lost our dear friend November 2011.

And this is what Alfie thought of it

"Hey this looks fun. Where are we going? No I want to go that way. Oh OK round there. Not seen that before, must let others know I'v been here. That’s new and thatsmells good. Better mark that one as well. What, that way? Oh OK, yes I like this way. What, round that way. Oh I see and then round that way. Corrrr that smells good. Have I been this way before? Ahhhh I recognise that. We are back, there’s Bart my friend. I am tired and hungry. Where’s the water? Found it, needed that, it was nice and fresh. What you doing now? Ooooh that feels nice, yes rub my stomach and my back and don’t forget my legs. There’s my dinner."

montys maze

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